My Beauty Bible

Having been given a copy of Sali Hughes’ new book Pretty Iconic for Christmas, I’m desperate to start reading. However, I have a feeling I’ll need a baby-free weekend to do it justice. I read Sali’s first book, Pretty Honest cover to cover in about two days flat. For me – someone who never finishes about 80% of what I start, this is pretty rare. Since then, most of my conversations around beauty/make up/skincare start with the words ‘Sali says…’, to the point several of my friends think I have been paid to be some sort of official Sali ambassador.

I’ve always suffered with troublesome skin, and after a particularly bad blip in early pregnancy (cheers to you, hormones) I started following her recommended cleansing regime religiously. Over a year later, hormones settled, I still do. As a self confessed beauty junkie, this shows how highly I rate her methods.

Want to find out more? Sali is also the Guardian’s Beauty Editor, so you can read lots of her articles online as a little taster for what’s in the book.